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How We Work

Our 'All-in-one' SEO Master Suite service was designed to do it all. A one stop solution for complete and successful online presence. We devised the modules in this service after careful consultation with lots of enterpreneurs and businesses. Lets talk about how we work.

Step 1

This is the first step we do when a client contacts us. We look at the your email carefully, look at the business or service you specialize in. We then investigate what benefits the client can potentially have with a strong online presence. We convey an earnest estimation of the benefits a client can expect based on his business model. Only when everything is in order and if we truly believe we can make a difference to your returns do we present you with a payment link. This is part of the reason we dont provide a payment link on the website itself. We want to know your views/expectations and would also like to investigate the full potential of what an online presence can do for you before we present you with a payment link.

Step 2

This is where we learn business scope, style and demographics and decide on the website design and theme that suits your needs. We will show you different designs and templates and you can pick one. Once thats done we can either port the content from an existing site of yours or start work on the new site with fresh content if you have no website. We can skip this step if you already have a website that you would not like to change.

Step 3

We then decide what keywords will benefit your business. We normally choose 3 primary keywords and 3 secondary keywords as a base and try to rank for it. But we dont stop there, once we achieve that goal we push for more. Our aim is to help increase your returns and to achieve this, we constantly keep in touch with you via email or skype. We do plenty of things to achieve targetted traffic to your site and business - stuff like content marketing, press releases, social exposure, partner properties, video marketing and much much more. We have had some of our clients more than double their income within 6 months.

Step 4

After the completion of first 2 months, we integrate a video spokesman for your website. This was originally not part of our service package but we decided to integrate it after some of our clients reported increased visitor time and better sales and businesses after its integration. And seriosuly guys, some businesses do benefit immensely with this feature. The actors/spokerperson can pop onto the screen and convey what you want to convey with emotion and zeal. Best part is this feature is FREE for all our customers who opt for the yearly subscription.

Our Principle

“We want our clients to grow and be successful and we do our best to make it happen...”


We are honest and we do our business with the utmost integrity. We genuinely want you to be successful and every task we do is geared towards that goal. 'SEO India Inc' is completely whitehat and our aim is to present your business in the cleanest possible way on the internet. We aim to not only get you ranks and visitors but also enhance your brand. We also believe that as a search engine optimization company, it is our duty to preserve the sanctity and usefulness of the internet and everything we do adheres to that. We believe our ideals and practises help in achieving long term results.

Our Price

"We strive to give you the best value you will ever get on the internet."


We know that a happy customer translates to a long-term customer. If you think about it, we only charge about £134 per month for all that we offer(great website, stable hosting, videos, web spokesman, complete SEO) - we are certainly the best deal on the internet for SEO in terms of both value and price.

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